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There has been many sessions where IBM Verse has been presented. IBM Verse is a new and more effective way of working with your emails and calendar. It gathers information from the mailfile nsf and displays it on a intuitive console in the web browser. In the console you can filter the information in just a few clicks. The search capabilities are really powerful.

IBM Verse will be available for cloud customers in the first quarter this year. They say that it will be available for on premise customers later this year. There are a lot of integration with IBM Connections in IBM Verse. So the customers with IBM Connections will get the most benefit of IBM Verse. At the moment there are a lot to be solved on how to deploy this on premise. What components do you need to install and how?

The feature I like best is the calendar bar that is always displayed in the bottom of the page.

All the attendants of ConnectED2015 will be invited to test IBM Verse and I'm looking forward to start testing all the new features.

There have been a lot of sessions about the cloud. There are a lot of things to consider before you move to the cloud. Should I go for fully hosted or hybrid? Is my internet connection prepared for the increased load this will generate? What features are included in the cloud offer? How do I provision users? This is where we can help our customers.

My favorite session so far:
BP104 IBM Notes Traveler Daily Business: Administration, Monitoring and Support presented by René Winkelmeyer, midpoints GmbH.


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