Platform Management Services

We are offering three standard platform service packages:

In addition to our standard offerings, we offer solutions tailored to customer needs. These offerings includes a variety of our own developed products/tools.

Why buy management of a platform as a service?

We know that platform management often is a challenge for CIOs and even if your organization have skilled system administrators, you might want your team and consultants to focus on other prioritized IT projects.

Our services are aiming to offload your team most if not all work concerning the administration of the platform. 

Buying the management of your platform as a service instead of maintaining your own infrastructure and applications has clear advantages.

  • High quality
    We have technical expertise available to deliver a service with high quality and accessibility.
  • Low costs
    Our services are  long-terms solution where we can lower the total cost of managing the platform and the applications.
  • Professional support services.
    Our Customers have access to Infowares collective expertise, incidents and cases are handled by agreed service levels.
  • Experience
    Infoware are continuously working with a large numbers of customer implementations. It means that we have early experience of new versions and can reuse proven solutions.
  • License management
    We are offering flexible license models, and in case you are bringing your own license we will help you to optimize license utilization and make sure that you are properly licensed.
  • Established services, after doing this for more than 10 years we know how to deliver platform management as a service.