Always be in sync

Most organisations using HCL Domino have multiple servers. There can be different reasons for this; redundancy, performance, internet security rules etc. Database replicas can be spread on all or some servers depending on company policies. Common problems in such environments might be missing replicas, missing full-text indexes, inconsistent replicas with different number of documents. In a traditional environment these problems are handled manually by the administrators. Solving problems manually is very time-consuming. DomainPatrol Sync manages such problems automatically saving time and money. It’s possible to configure settings to match the specific needs of your organization. All features are configurable through the preference database.

Replica synchronization and creation

Using HCL Domino server clusters are an excellent way to provide for failover in the event of a server break down. A common problem is that all databases are not replicated to all servers in the cluster. DST take care of creating replica’s on all servers, to make sure that all databases are available on the specified servers.

Full Text index synchronization

Has it ever happened to you that a Domino database are full-text indexed on one server but not on all replicas? DomainPatrol Sync can automatically create FT-indexes on all databases in the cluster. You just specify one server as the source server and then all databases that are full-text indexed on the source server will have their replicas FT-indexed on all specified servers.

Document check

One problem with Domino replicas is that they can become inconsistent regarding the number of documents. DomainPatrol Sync can compare the number of documents in two or more replicas and if necessary clear out the replication history so that a “full” replication will take place next time replication occurs.


Install and forget

Using a simple rule set, DomainPatrol Sync runs silently in the background to make sure that all replicas are created on the proper place.

Reliable database synchronization

What if you, completely automatic, could create the right amount of mail file replicas in your mail cluster? Or if you, without lifting a finger, could watch replicas be created and distributed evenly between your servers. With DomainPatrol Sync this is reality. Automatic DomainPatrol Sync works in the background how you want it to and when you want it to. A few simply settings defines a cluster or a group of servers, and then DomainPatrol Sync does the job.

Stable environment

DomainPatrol Sync makes your server environment stable by guaranteeing the right amount of replicas on the servers. DomainPatrol Sync creates the number of replicas indicated for each configured cluster of group of servers.

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