IWS365 Managed Service from Infoware 

IWS365 Managed Service is a platform management service for Microsoft 365. Infoware have very long experience of IT Operations and Management Services. We work with all types of customers, both large and small, customers with complex OnPrem environments, customers with pure Cloud environments and customers with Hybrid environments. 

Why do I need an IWS365 Managed Service? 

The benefits of MS365 are obvious; you do not have to buy and maintain your own server environments, you get instant access to new functionality without time consuming maintenance and upgrading projects, fast and efficient scalability and so on. 

Despite all the advantages, the service requires that competent and experienced personnel ensure that the operating environment in MS365 is configured and managed in an optimal and secure manner. We want you to focus on your business while we take care of MS365. 

Why would I choose Infoware? 

Infoware ensures that during agreed service hours, technical expertise is available to deliver a service with high quality and availability. We make sure multiple technicians are familiar your MS365-environment, which minimizes the problem of personal dependencies that can otherwise arise if you only rely on your own operating staff. 

Next Step 

Infoware offers a 2-hour workshop to describe our service in more detail and to get acquainted with your MS365 environment, your challenges, and specific needs.  We will then get back to you with a proposal for a management service adapted to your specific requirements. 

Complete service

We have a complete support service. Everything from first line support to actions on specific MS 365 components.

Incident management

Based on the level of service, we take care of all incidents. We are responsible for the operation and continuously address problems that arise.

Update and maintenance

Planning, status meetings, and reporting are included. We are maintaining a management plan for your server platform. You are always updated and knows what’s going on and what actions that are planned for  keeping  your MS 365 platform updated and secure.