Fantastic Social Connections 10 in Toronto

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We are back in Stockholm after a fantastic Social Connections conference in Toronto. Infoware was silver sponsor and on our laptops we had a steaming fresh release of DomainPatrol Social. The atmosphere of the conference was vibrant! Over 200 attendees from all over the world, 70 speakers and 64 sessions, all in a conference center on the 16th floor in a skyscraper overlooking Toronto financial district.


All focus on IBM Connections, for example solutions around IBM Connections, use cases and best practices.

We enjoyed talking to customers that just had implemented a social workplace and customers that were long into the game and who was searching for solutions to trim and shape their way of work.

Many issues or queries that comes up when using IBM Connections can easily be solved with DomainPatrol Social, and we are always glad to be able to present such a quality product to the market.


This time around we were extra pleased since we got to meet our friends at panagenda in person! Ever since we formed the strategic alliance between panagenda and Infoware we have had meetings and discussions about how to best share our IBM Connections knowledge between one another. So to finally get to sit down at a dinner, or crack some jokes over a beer was well sought after! We are convinced that with our combined knowledge about IBM Connections and how to meet our customers' needs this will bring out many good things for all involved!


Infoware's DomainPatrol Social and pangagenda's ConnectionsExpert makes a complete set of tools for your environment!



Strategic Alliance between Infoware and panagenda

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Specialists from all over the world are preparing themselves for Social Connections 10 – the core event for the IBM Connections community. So did Infoware and panagenda, both sponsors at the event, and formed a strategic alliance to jointly market both parties solutions.

The solutions Infoware DomainPatrol Social for content and user management and panagenda ConnectionsExpert for monitoring, adoption and analytics complement each other perfectly.


Analytics & Monitoring meet Administration, User & Content Management


"It is great that all the team members know eachother very well and have already worked together in numerous customer projects. That people factor and a combination of two great solutions is going be real fun." says Maria Enderstam (Product Owner, Infoware)



"This powerful combo really has the potential to become the suite of products that any IBM Connections customer really wants to have implemented to guarantee and maintain an outstanding quality of service and benefit from very flexible content and user management." says Arne Bergmann (CSO, panagenda)


Both companies´ teams are really excited to announce the strategic alliance between our companies and are very much looking forward to further developing business together.

Meet us at Social Connections 10 or simply contact us for more information.


About Infoware

Infoware have been working with IBM Connections since 2008 and have consultants with broad and deep knowledge of IBM Connections environments and development. Over the years we've learned how important it is to keep an environment in great shape, to take care of your installed solutions and to maximize the benefits of it. That's why we develop tools that makes all the necessary administrative tasks much easier for users, administrators and platform owners and that benefits the whole company.

About panagenda

panagenda develops state-of-the-art solutions for communcation and collaboration IT infrastructures. Its extensive expertise ranges from reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and workload, to facilitating agile IT transformation. With over 8 million licenses in over 70 countries, panagendas customers benefit from solutions that increase performance, enhance transparency and control, as well as deliver exceptional value for money.