Domino server rating from F to A+ in seconds

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Server running 9.0.1 FP4 and up

Running SSL Labs test on
Gives You low rating

Increase rating

Gather OCSP information
Goto Site and View certificate

Go to Intermediate certificate next to Your own and View Certificate

Go to Details and Authority Information and under Alternative name write down the URL.
In our case it is

Update notes.ini from console with the following, remember to replace the value of OCSP_RESPONDER with Your value from Step1.!!

set config DISABLE_SSLV3=1
set config HTTP_HSTS_MAX_AGE=17280000
set config OCSP_RESPONDER=
set config OCSP_CLOCKSKEW=10
set config OCSP_LOGLEVEL=31
set config SSLCipherSpec=C030009FC02F009EC028006BC0140039C0270067C013

In Release 10 the last notes.ini SSLCipherSpec is not respected it must be set in Internet Sites\Security

a. Is most secure

b. If You have with a. You can use this and get a good rating anyway

Restart HTTP task with following command:
restart task http

Now You can test Your server again and everything should be running fine


Infoware, Enterprise Collaboration and Identity

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Infowares history and role from 1995 onward has been the pro-active, technical, business-oriented drivers. Our focus in the “digital transformation” is to help large organizations getting their collaboration platforms smart, efficient and secure. Our purpose with this, is a conviction that smarter collaboration and technology can make the planet a better place to live.

We work with organizations from 30 to 120 000 users with 50% of our billing on each side of the 10 000-user mark. Infowares technical place is primarily the central IT highways and/or Group Communication. Typically, we work with core catalogs, intranets, migrations, email optimization, federation services and application infrastructure etc. Until 10 years ago many Swedish organizations used IBM Domino for a large portion of their collaboration solutions. Since then +90% has changed to use Microsoft technologies for their base services, but many continue with IBM Domino for agile collaborative business applications.

An Enterprise Collaboration project, from the technical side, is seldom about developing beautiful front ends or implementing cool tools to the end user. Instead our role is more often to automate processes for how users (Identity Management) in separate catalogs and data in different applications can work together or be moved without disturbances. Such work often gets down to a mix of experience, respect for size, technical skills, patience, tests, tests and in the end politics. I think our most important success factor has been a culture to do the extra miles and never ever give up.

Of course, we have also developed many solutions (and skills) to automate the large amounts of changes in identities, collaboration applications and even the tools used. Sometimes we have been used as architects or developers, but of course we have also been the fire department when central systems got issues. We are now a highly experienced team of experts, with a good understanding on Enterprise Collaboration from both the technical and business logic sides.

Some of our solutions got repeatable and even to the next levels products and services. We think our customers like our innovation process; (a.) real world Enterprise Collaboration problem, (b.) Enterprise Solution, (c.) repeatable solution, (d.) Standard Product and eventually (e.) a service.

Another side of working with Enterprise Collaboration and Identity are migrations driven by digital transformation and organisational mergers. We, the movers, have helped our customer with complex splits, merges, system changes or why not to move part of their on-premise collaboration platforms to Office 365 and implement MS Teams at the same time. From our experience the IBM Domino customers are collaborating more (in Office 365) compared to the many on-premise Microsoft customers. We are sure the on-premise Microsoft customers will take the jump too, and to do this they will need experienced movers like us.

Another trend is contract services and outsourcing. Infoware is a relevant contract service provider for solutions that we have built and for IBM Domino environments, where we have super human capabilities and economy of scale.


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