Mid week impressions from a ConnectED rookie

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As a ConnectED rookie I didn’t really know what to expect on my trip to Orlando.
Due to Infowares LotusSphere/Connect tradition I’ve heard a huge amount of stories (or in some legends) about the things that could happen and the steaks/lobsters that would be eaten between the moment the airplane leaves the airport until you pick up your bag at the bagage claim about a week later.

So, what’s my mid week verdict?
Unfortunately, we miss out on the theme park visit, and gazing at the rollercoasters while in the taxi is the closest i’ll get to them this visit.

On the bright side, our dinner at Texas de Brazil was a great success with a lot of nice people joining us for a very tasty dinner (that place sure knows how to prepare a steak) and of course there has been a lot of interesting sessions. My favorite sessions so far are

Yes! You CAN Use Those Cool New Frameworks in Your Mobile Domino Apps! by Theo Heselmans

Facing Our Creativity Crisis by Louis Richardson #CCrisis

Understanding Social Software Adoption and Impact by
Laura Rodriguez

There will probably be more blog entries from me and/or my colleagues before the end of the week, so get back in a day or two for more content


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