The path to the cloud



Infoware has long experience of migration projects both between platforms and various cloud services, such as IBM Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, or SharePoint online. We offer our customers several different migration routes. In order to choose the most effective strategy, we evaluate business utilization, usage, complexity, security and platform-specific features.

Partially or partly in the cloud

You can choose several different levels and paths and we guide you through each step. It doesn’t matter if you want to move parts of the business to the cloud or your whole environment.

No administration

If you want to get out of administration work completely, Infoware offers a management service where we take care of your platform fully. However, you always have full control.

Modernization of applications

Are you thinking of the future of your applications IBM Domino applications tend to be business critical and Infoware has long experience of modernizing complex applications. We offer development of existing applications, web customization, decommissioning and new development. We have a large code library with reusable modules our experienced consultants work with. No application is too complicated for us to be able to modernize and web-customize it!

What do we do with those applications you no longer use? We have several methods of migrating data to other platforms.

License Review

When migrating platforms or applications, it is a perfect time to review your licenses. We always strive for your migration to be as cost-effective as possible. The license provider often changes the license terms for their products over time, and with Infoware’s long licensing experience, we ensure that you are properly licensed after the migration. We also offer licenses In our rental models, combined with our management services.

Our consultants

Our consultants have long experience of multiple migration projects with large and small organizations, and they have technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of how to migrate from IBM Domino, IBM Notes to Office 365, Sharepoint, and also to IBM Cloud.


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